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Product Updates [September 2023]

By Eric Wiinanen | September 21, 2023

In the month of September, we’ve continued to improve the Hero Schedule platform, especially our Open Shift feature. Below is a quick summary of the upgrades we’ve made. Show Open Shifts on Calendar View When you use the Calendar View, if there are any Open Shifts that an employee is eligible for, they will show…

Product Updates [August 2023]

By Eric Wiinanen | August 29, 2023

Over the summer, our team has worked hard to roll out more updates to the platform. User feedback is a key driver of ongoing feature development. For example, a frequent user request has been to view the Main Schedule View as a calendar…and we made it happen! This feature was deployed in August for all…

Product Updates [April 2023]

By Eric Wiinanen | April 14, 2023

We’ve added a few new features to Hero Schedule and wanted to give you a quick update. The fourth one has been highly requested! Ability to create multiple Open Shifts When you create an Open Shift, you now have the option of creating multiple shifts with one entry. Select dates for Accrual Account Frequency Selecting accrual…