Text Messaging

Hero Schedule / Shift Scheduling / Text Messaging

Send text messages from your computer or phone to any member or group within your agency. The Broadcast Message feature allows you to send a text message (and/or email) to any group or individual with three clicks. We wanted to make messy group texts and lost email threads a thing of the past!

Send texts to one employee, all employees, or anything in-between

send to individual

Send to an individual employee

Send a text message to any individual using the Hero Schedule app.

multiple individuals

Send to multiple individuals

If you need to send a message to more than one employee, select the users in the "Send to" box.

send to group

Send to a shift-type or group

In three clicks, you can have a text message directed to a specific shift or group. Hero Schedule will automatically pull everyone assigned to that shift into the group message

send to everyone

Send to agency

Select "Everyone" to send a message to your entire agency.

Send texts AND emails at the same time

To increase your efficiency, you can send an email alert along with your text alert at the same time. By selecting the "Send Email and Text" option, it will open two fields where you can craft messages. If you want to use the same message in both email and text, use the Copy quick-function to duplicate the text into each field. It's very easy to use.

View historical archive of texts & emails

Can't remember what instructions you sent? Need to see what the other shift leads messaged? You can view past texts and emails by clicking clicking the Archive button. You can filter for date range, see the Sender, see how many employees the message was sent to. You can see the context of the message and the date it was sent. This is all to make sure your communication is clear and accurate with your agency.

Technical details

SMS messages are sent instantly with our contracted carrier. Messaging is included in Hero Schedule pricing, giving you credit for 40 SMS messages* per user per month.

*Agency average. Overages will be billed at $0.009/message. We will message you if your agency goes over the limit.

Text messages come from a standard telephone number which can be saved in a user's contact list.

Your agency will get credit for 40 SMS messages per user per month. Overages will be billed at $0.009/message. Hero Schedule will email you if your agency goes over the messaging limit.

For example, if your agency has 100 users, you automatically have a 4,000 message credit that is shared by all users.

While we are not able to verify that a user has read the message, our system will give you a report for each message sent showing the message was "successfully sent" or if there was an error.