Kelly Days

If your fire department uses Kelly Days as part of your overall FLSA/labor compliance strategy, Hero Schedule can help. You can set up each employee to have their own Kelly Day scheduled within the FLSA period.

Kelly Days are an extra day off that firefighters would normally work in your 28 day work cycle. This can be paid or unpaid, depending on department policy. Hero Schedule can help you avoid noncompliance, reduce unnecessary overtime, and minimize firefighter fatigue.

Assign a Kelly Day to each employee within a group

A Kelly Day can be assigned to an employee or group of employees. This gives them a day off in the set shift pattern, keeping their work hours compliant within the FLSA window.

Kelly Days displayed on Main Schedule view

Kelly Days are displayed as a day off on the schedule with a small blue bar with 'KD' indicating the Kelly Day. An employee can still be assigned an Overtime shift on that day, but their normal shift is changed to a day off.