EMS Shift Scheduling Software

Designed for EMS agencies

ems shift scheduling software

The easiest way to schedule shifts for your staff

Anyone involved with emergency medical services has a demanding job: providing life-or-death medical services or serving as support staff. You need scheduling software that will deliver every time and a support team to have your back. Hero Schedule is designed for EMS agencies, ambulance companies, and county EMS services. Regardless of your workforce size, we will be able to help you stay more organized and staffed with our software.

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Set up shifts for the entire year in minutes

Dozens of hours scheduling with a spreadsheet or whiteboard is reduced to minutes with our platform. With a pattern-based schedule setup, administrators can even schedule 12 months of shifts with ease.

Affordable at $4/month per user

Getting a new piece of software or equipment in the next budget meeting isn't always easy. We price our software at $4/user per month, allowing you to pay for only the users you need.

Initiate & manage shift trades

Employees can trade similar/equivalent shifts within the Hero Schedule platform. When two employees have agreed to a trade, administrators can see the requested shift trade from the Main Schedule View and can approve or deny with one click!

Leave management & sick time requests

Balancing time off between employees can be done with efficiency in Hero Schedule. Approve sick time/vacation requests with two clicks, then fill these empty shifts using Open Shift notifications. Hero Schedule will automatically deduct PTO, vacation and sick time from employee balances, and will show up in pay period closing reports and time cards.

Training on software included

We provide training to make sure your staff is confident with our software.

online support

U.S. based support team

When you have questions about scheduling or Hero Schedule setup, our team responds very quickly. We listen carefully to your feedback so we can design new features in future updates.

Hero Schedule is scheduling software for EMS professionals

EMS agencies and ambulance companies have many challenges when it comes to employee scheduling. You are responsible for putting qualified and well-rested staff on the streets 24/7/365. Managing shifts, shift trades, special events, and labor laws are likely a headache for your supervisors. Administrators often try to do scheduling on a spreadsheet or whiteboard - taking hours of their time at the office. If a schedule needs to be changed, it often has to be relayed to the entire company through texts and phone calls. This can cause confusion and mistakes, leading to under-staffing.

We want to help you make sense of your schedule. Hero Schedule is designed to be intuitive for both shift supervisors and employees. EMTs and paramedics can log in to the mobile version of Hero Schedule to see their assigned shifts, request time off, and trade shifts with other employees (pending the supervisors's approval). As a supervisor, you can approve or deny requests with one click. Not in the office? Log in to Hero Schedule from your laptop or smartphone.

Your agency can schedule based on availability, training level or seniority. The rules your agency employs for leave management and overtime management can be customized and set up within the Hero Schedule environment.

EMS agencies need to comply with federal and state labor laws - including the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Hero Schedule has a built-in framework to ensure you automatically stay compliant and are alerted if an employee's hours are being overextended.