Keep accurate records of leave, time sheets, labor law compliance and pay period management

Simplify your responsibilities by using Hero Schedule to track all timekeeping functions in your agency. Track overtime, leave, holidays, and blackout days. Legal/labor compliance issues like FLSA and Kelly Days are automatically tracked and balanced in the software. Time entries from our time clock are recorded and viewable by administrators. Manage pay periods with a single click of a button. Time cards give you and the employees a quick reference of how many hours they have on the books and any details about the pay period you need to know.

Easy overtime, leave, holidays and blackout day tracking

Keep track of all employees' overtime balances, leave accruals, holiday pay, blackout days and more. We use an accrual account-based system, which keeps precise, 100% accurate detail for each employee. This system works automatically once rules are set up for your agency.

Accrual accounts

We use accrual accounts to keep track of every category of overtime or leave your agency uses. The balances of each employee's account is automatically updated based on approved time-off requests, working additional shifts, etc.

The accounts we set up for your agency are custom.

Custom account types

Each agency has different time off and overtime accruals (in our experience). Custom accounts allow you to shape Hero Schedule to fit your agencies standards and rules.

Account settings can be easily managed. Select what information is shown on reports, overtime hour multiplier (e.g. overtime hours worked can be multiplied by 1.5x when Comp Time is selected) and whether overflow accounts are used.

We will set these accounts up for you. You can add/edits accounts as necessary.

Account is automatically updated when time-off is approved

When an account administrator or supervisor approves time off for an employee, their accrual account is automatically updated. The deductions will be reflected on each employee's time card, as well as on the pay period closing spreadsheet.

View, edit and update accrual account balances

Each employee accrual account is visible to supervisors and administrators. Account types and remaining balances are listed under each employee's name. These hours can be manually edited and updated by administrators.

Custom accrual schedules and account limits

Leave and overtime accrual accounts can be set up to add hours at the rate that your policy requires. This means you can control exactly how much is earned and when the time is earned.

Accrual schedules are used to control the rate at which an employee earns hours. This rate can be adjusted based on years of service. Periods can be based on a pay period, beginning of a month, beginning of a year, anniversary date, and customized dates.

Maximum carryover limits can be set for each schedule, with maximum amounts determining annual carryover and absolute maximum hours.


Set up custom days during the year when employees earn holiday pay.

Blackout days

Set up Blackout Days for training days, large events, etc. where schedule requests will probably not be approved.

Blackout day.

Manage labor compliance laws...automatically

As an administrator, you are required to keep track of labor compliance laws. We've made this easier for you by having features that calculate overtime, Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) compliance and Kelly Days.

Our tools help you set maximum hours for each group type in your agency.

Maximum hours rules (FLSA compliance)

Maximum hours rules can be set to comply with labor laws, including the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

Kelly Days

If you are a fire department, you may use Kelly Days to reduce the total working hours for your firefighters.

View time cards at a glance

You have quick access to all employee time cards in your agency. An administrator can view any group and any pay period range.

See details on Employee Time Cards.

Manage pay periods

We make payroll easy with our pay period closing feature.


Pay period closing

When administrators close a pay period, it finalizes all activities in a pay period cycle including leave, FLSA restrictions, overtime, and calculations. A spreadsheet is automatically downloaded when you close the pay period.

Download pay period report

A pay period report spreadsheet is available for download once a pay period is closed. This lists all information for each employee: actual hours worked, overtime hours, vacation hours earned and used, and ending balances of all accounts.

View past pay period reports

All past pay period reports can be downloaded. Select the date and format for download (XLSX or CSV).

View & edit upcoming pay periods

All upcoming pay periods can be viewed from the Manage Pay Periods screen and edited if necessary.

Keep exact records with built in Time Clock

The Time Clock function in Hero Schedule will accurately track time worked and breaks. Employees can clock-in, clock-out and take breaks from their Hero Schedule screen (either mobile or desktop device). As an administrator, you can view and edit all entries in either the Main Schedule View or in the Time Card.

Payroll Integrations

Hero Schedule works in tandem with many payroll providers. We offer an easy CSV or spreadsheet download for a versatile export experience. We are committed to working seamlessly with payroll software providers, including making integrations when necessary. Our goal is to integrate your current payroll system with Hero Schedule. Whether this is a spreadsheet export with pay codes, integration, or showing you how to use a spreadsheet with your payroll provider – we have the means to make things happen for your agency.