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Employees can request time-off and overtime

Employees can request time-off, overtime and respond to Open Shifts on their own personal device. They can enter the hours/days they are requesting, along with a note to the administrator. When time off is requested, the employee must enter which accrual account they want to use (e.g. vacation, sick, etc.).

We know you probably have employees calling you during the week asking if they can get next Thursday off to go hunting. Hero Schedule allows employees to place time-off requests on their own. Requesting sick time, shift trades, overtime, and vacation can all be done by each employee. The administrator can approve or deny these requests.

Approve/Deny requests in one click

Schedule administrators can approve or deny any request with a click.

If an administrator approves a request, the system gives the administrator the option to create an Open Shift to fill the spot.

See all requests at one time

All time-off, overtime, and trade shift requests can be seen from the main schedule view. When a request needs the approval of a supervisor/administrator, it will be highlighted in yellow. This makes it easy to see and approve requests within minutes for the entire agency.

Time off is automatically applied to vacation time 'account'

When time off is approved by an administrator, it is deducted from the employee's time-off accrual account. These account balances can be viewed by the administrator at any time.