Employee Time Cards

Hero Schedule / Shift Scheduling / Employee Time Cards

Employees can view time cards which show hours worked, vacation used and overtime earned, along with ending balances for employee accounts.

Time cards give full work details

A simplified, easy-to-read time card with the date, hours worked, and time off and overtime records in each row. The hours are added up on the last column for a subtotal and report total.

View Leave, Overtime and other account balances

Employees can view balances of all accounts (overtime, sick time, personal time, PTO, vacation, etc.) within the time card function of Hero Schedule.

Time clock record can be reviewed (if enabled)

Read more about the Time Clock.

View total hours, times in and out.
Admin can manually edit entries to make corrections.


Select time cards to view

An administrator can view either a single employee or an entire group. This can also be filtered by one pay period or multiple pay periods. This allows payroll, HR and administrators a quick way of finding a range of employee time cards.

  • Ensure accuracy before closing a pay period
  • Validate all hours worked
  • Birds-eye-view of all pay period transactions
  • Open multiple pay periods for each employee
  • Print time cards to PDF or paper

Mobile or desktop

Time cards are available to be viewed on mobile or desktop devices.