Privacy & Data Protection

Hero Schedule / Shift Scheduling / Privacy & Data Protection

Hero Schedule prioritizes the privacy and safety of our customers' information by keeping your data safe and employee identities secure.

Data protection & privacy features

Secure server

Hero Schedule is hosted on a secure server and includes an SSL certificate and all other security measures. We take care of all technical aspects of your schedule software, so your internal IT doesn't have to.

Data backups for safe recovery

Hero Schedule uses point-in-time backups for safe data recovery.

Single sign-on (SSO)

Users can connect to both the desktop and mobile versions of Hero Schedule using single sign-on through your identity provider. Our software can be accessed through a secure login using any modern browser. The SSO feature can be added to any agency's setup upon request.

If your organization uses Microsoft Entra (formerly named Azure Active Directory), we can set up a secure single sign-on in minutes using the OpenID Connect (OIDC) protocol.

For other identity providers, the Hero Schedule development team can have this running between 2-4 days. Let us know which identity provider you want to integrate with Hero Schedule.

Powerful encryption technology

Hero Schedule data is encrypted with state-of-the-art TLS 1.2 when data is "in transit". This keeps your data secure when moving between the your browser (the client) and our server.

Powered & protected by Microsoft® Azure

Our customer data is hosted in secure Microsoft Azure data centers. Customer data is stored behind four layers of security strategy: Network security, access management, threat protection and information protection.

Network security

Firewalls and firewall rules prevent access to the network unless granted using predetermined rules based on IP address or Azure Virtual network traffic origin.

Threat protection

Audits and advanced protection protocols are used to monitor traffic and detect unusual behavior.

Access management

Microsoft uses SQL authentication and Azure Active Directory authentication to credential users.

Information protection

Azure provides information protection and encryption of data. Employing Transport Layer Security (Encryption-in-transit) when data is in motion between the client and the server.