Training on Hero Schedule

Hero Schedule / Shift Scheduling / Training on Hero Schedule

We will help train your supervisors and administrators on how to use Hero Schedule. We want you to be 100% comfortable with how it works. PLUS, we have ongoing email, phone and video call support after you launch your scheduling system!

  • Helping craft settings to match agency leave, overtime and other rules
  • Importing all employees into the system
  • Assisting administrators in setting up Patterned Scheduling
  • Showing how all functions work
  • Giving tips and tricks
  • Demonstrating use cases

Helpful ongoing support

You'll receive personal email, phone and video call support from our team.

online support

Initial Onboarding

During this time we spend 1-3 hours with you on several video calls to gather the agency rules and policies. These are then adapted into the system. We also look at how you typically work with your scheduling, administrative responsibilities, etc. At the end of this onboarding phase, we hand over a fully functioning schedule to you including login instructions for you and your employees.

Follow Up Support

During the first month, it's common to have questions about settings or how to implement certain features. Send us an email and we will respond quickly during normal business hours. For complex questions, we will get on a video call with you.

Long Term Support

As your agency changes and grows, we will assist with the logistical adjustments that are needed. Hero Schedule is scalable for all agency sizes.

We want this to be the best scheduling software you've ever used.