Bring Order to Your Department's Schedule

Shift scheduling software for police departments, fire departments, and EMS professionals.

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Schedule Complications

If you're like most agencies, scheduling takes up a lot of your time. Plus, if you are working with clumsy or outdated tools, keeping track of time-off requests, overtime, and FLSA compliance is messy.

  • Understaffing due to miscommunication
  • No-show employees due to scheduling errors
  • Forgotten time-off requests
  • Safety concerns due to understaffing
  • Legal issues with FLSA compliance

Getting it wrong is costly

Hero Schedule is designed to help organize your schedule

Custom Schedule Fits Your Department

Our team can customize the schedule to fit your department's shift patterns, governing policies, and reporting.

No one-size-fits-all software.

Simple Interface

Just a simple, clean, straightforward interface to schedule your employees. Nothing to break.

Your employees will enjoy using it.

Quick set up of a year of schedules

Within a few minutes, you can have a whole group of employees scheduled, using our schedule pattern tool.

Save time for other important tasks.

Employees request time off on any device

No more phone calls & emails asking to take time off. Hero Schedule allows employees to place their time off requests on their own. Administrators can accept or deny the request in minutes.

View on desktop or mobile

You aren't always at your desk. This is why we designed Hero Schedule to work on both mobile or desktop, giving you the flexibility to see the master schedule from anywhere.

Stay legal and FLSA compliant

We know compliance can be a pain. This is why we built features to calculate overtime, Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) compliance, and even Kelly Days.

Does it sound like Hero Schedule will help?

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