Organization Setup

Hero Schedule / Shift Scheduling / Organization Setup

Setting up your organization in Hero Schedule is easy. Our team walks you through the setup process, matching our software to your policies or union contract.


We provide up to 4 hours of training for your administrative staff to learn how to set up and use Hero Schedule. It's our goal to make sure you have the best possible scheduling experience.

Add new employees quickly

Employees can be added to Hero Schedule individually or imported in bulk.


An individual is entered on an easy form, with information about the employee, permission rules, hire date, etc.


Upload employees in bulk using a spreadsheet file. We provided a spreadsheet template with formatted fields for speedy entry.

Set activities

In Hero Schedule, activities are used for various reasons including setting abbreviations on the schedule and allowing staff to know which assignments they're assigned to. These activities can be leveraged for beat coverage and task assignments.

Employee Groups

Employee Groups allow you to organize the main schedule view so employees are assigned to a shift and in the order you prefer. Employees can be moved from one group to another anytime during the year.

Shift abbreviations

Shift abbreviations are helpful to keep your schedule clean and organized. Setting these up is simple: type four characters for your abbreviation, select an activity, and select a time span. The abbreviation will automatically show up if this rule is met.

Setting up accrual accounts

Accrual accounts help you keep time off and overtime organized. We help you set up custom accrual accounts with rules on how time is accrued and at what rate. We have more information about accrual accounts, leave management and overtime management on our timekeeping page.

Overtime settings

All overtime settings and rules are customizable in Hero Schedule. These can be matched to your agency's policies.

Set up Holidays

Enter the holidays for your agency, along with accrual account rules to match your holiday compensation policy.

Set up Blackout days

You can activate Blackout days when you need full staff for large events and busy times of the year. These Blackout days show on the calendar and other view to remind employees and supervisors that time off may be limited.

Set up FLSA maximum hours rules & overtime policies

Your agency uses work periods to stay compliant with FLSA guidelines. Our software allows you to customize your schedule to match exactly what your work period is for each group of employees.

fair labor standards

Open Shift Pools

Using Open Shift Pools allows you to take full advantage of our Open Shift feature. Assign employees to a pool which can be picked when an Open Shift is created. This is a massive time saver for you and your supervisors.