FLSA Maximum Hours Rules

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Labor compliance like the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) can be complicated for supervisors and administrators. If you have different teams working different shift types, this becomes incredibly complex. The Hero Schedule system will alert you if an employee is being scheduled for more than the FLSA allotment, unless overridden by a supervisor or administrator. Maximum hours rules can be set up for different groups or shift types in your agency. Hero Schedule takes the headache out of labor compliance laws and union regulations on overtime.

Hero Schedule supports any length of a work cycle, including 7 days, 14 days, 19 days, 28 days or more.

Visual cues on Main Schedule View

We provide visual cues for the beginning and end of FLSA periods on your schedule. A solid blue line will appear on the right edge of the final day of the FLSA period. This is very helpful for when supervisors and administrators are rescheduling, swapping and doing shift trades.

Warning system to prevent exceeded limits

The system warns a supervisor/administrator when a FLSA limit will be exceeded as a result of scheduling a shift. It will give the exact number of hours exceeded and force the administrator to confirm "yes" or "no" on their decision. As a supervisor, you can override this warning OR you can change the shift to "overtime" to comply with standards.

Set different Maximum Hours Rules per group or per shift

Hero Schedule gives you the ability to set different maximum hours rules for each group or shift type. This allows you to accurately track employees on 10-hour shifts, 12-hour shifts, 24-hour shifts, along with 8-hour office employees.

Customizable fields include:

  • Number of days in the period
  • Number of maximum hours per period
  • Starting day of any period

This powerful feature will help you stay compliant and reduce overtime costs for your agency.

Kelly Days

Kelly Days are a way to keep employees below the FLSA limit by giving one day off per cycle or compensating with overtime. Read more about Kelly Days in Hero Schedule.