Shift Scheduling


The best scheduling software you will ever use.

Desktop and mobile view split screen

Shift management & supervision

Keep your agency organized and fully staffed.

Overtime management

Make sense of your agency's overtime with our logic-driven, rules-based software that does the heavy lifting for you.

Leave management

Custom accounts track vacation time, sick time and other accruals.

Shift bidding

Create a future schedule with shifts that employees can bid on. This can be set by seniority or be manually selected.

Main schedule view

View all employees schedules for the entire month. Abbreviations, colors and icons to give you a master view.

Automatic Open Shifts

No more agency-wide group text messages trying to fill an empty shift.  Pull on additional resources with quick invites.


Saving you hours on administrative and timekeeping duties.

Kelly Days

Set up each employee to have their own Kelly Day scheduled within the FLSA period.

Employee time cards

Employees and supervisors can view time cards to see clock-in/clock out, vacation time accruals, overtime, and more.

Pay period management

Administrators can close and manage pay periods, settling all numbers and preparing them for export to a spreadsheet.

Any shift type & length

Including fixed shifts, rotating shifts and split shifts. We can customize the software to fit the pattern your agency uses.

Setup & Support

Everything your agency needs to get setup and started.

Fast patterned scheduling

Patterns multiply your effort when scheduling. Copy settings across entire "rows".

Custom organization setup

Add new employees, set activities, customize leave management settings, and more.

Training on Hero Schedule

We will help train your supervisors and administrators on how to use Hero Schedule.

Other features

An intuitive, easy-to-see scheduling software.

Privacy & data protection

Hero Schedule prioritizes the privacy and safety of our customers' information by keeping your data safe and employee identities secure.

Add notes on each shift

Adding a note to a shift block on the Main Schedule View helps you keep track important future details for your staff.

Add notes on each shift

Broadcast Message feature allows you to send a text message (and/or email) to any group or individual with three clicks.

Hero Schedule FAQs

Yes. Add as many employees as you can hire. Hero Schedule is designed to grow with your agency. Organize your departments and divisions to help keep order to your busy and ever changing schedule.

We should have you up and running within a few days if all goes well.

  1. We'll meet with you and get all the information we need to set up your schedule
  2. We will do a 1 hour training to help you navigate the schedule
  3. Begin scheduling!

Each agency we work with has a different payroll software that they use. With Hero Schedule, you can download all your payroll numbers into a spreadsheet to hand over to your payroll department. If you need a custom import into your software, let us know - and we can create a connection for you.

Kelly Days are built in days off in a shift cycle that keep a firefighter from working too many days and violating FLSA rules. Hero Schedule allows you to set the 'work period' (typically 14-day, 19-day, 28-day). Then you select which day of the period to give each firefighter as their Kelly Day.

Hero Schedule is built to easily create an Open Shift opportunity.

  • Create several Open Shift pools of officers/firefighters. This allows you to specify who gets the invite
  • Create an Open Shift either when you approve a time off request, or just click on +Add Open Shift
  • Hero Schedule sends emails and alerts eligible officers/firefighters to an overtime opportunity to fill the Open Shift