Patterned Scheduling

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Create schedules for the entire year across your entire agency with Patterned Scheduling. Since shift work is based on scheduling rotations, the software gives you the ability to set a "pattern" and then apply it across the entire year. This has saved countless hours for the agencies who use Hero Schedule.

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Set up your schedule in minutes

Administrators can set up employee schedules for an entire year at one time - using a custom-built, pattern based tool. Enter one employee's schedule, copy to others, and adjust left/right. You'll set up your whole agency's schedule in minutes.

Green blocks represent a shift is scheduled to be worked.

Yellow-lined box represents the base pattern used for the rest of the scheduled period. In the example pictured, employees in the Command role work Monday through Friday, and have Saturday and Sunday off. This pattern is then repeated through the rest of the schedule.

Birds-eye view of entire agency's schedule

See the staffing coverage for each day from a bird's eye view. View the pattern, and who is working on what day. The entire calendar year is visible on this page.

Edit live schedule OR create a draft

Choose whether you want to edit the live schedule or create a new schedule draft. Live schedule editing will push the updates out to the agency immediately. Drafts will be saved until you are ready to press Make Live.

Optional: save time by creating the new schedule as a copy of the current schedule and copying the existing employee assignments.

Adapts to all shift types

Fixed, rotating and split shifts can all be set up within Hero Schedule. The software can be customized to fit the exact shift type(s) your agency uses. We work with 8-hour, 10-hour, 12-hour and 24-hour shifts (and any other variation). Every rotating shift can be set up in Hero Schedule, including Pitman, 2-2-3 and Southern Swing shifts.

See more on shift types covered by Hero Schedule.