Police Department Shift Scheduling Software

Shift Scheduling Software for Law Enforcement

We want to make employee shift scheduling easier for police departments and law enforcement agencies. Whether you are a 10 officer department or a 10,000 officer department, Hero Schedule has the capability to handle all shift scheduling tasks.

mobile schedule view designed for police departments
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"...Easy to use, efficient, and reasonably priced..."

Rob Kirschner - Lieutenant - Lilburn Police Department

Designed for police departments

shift types

Solutions for any shift lengths and types

The software can easily accommodate shifts of various lengths, including 8, 10, 12-hour shifts.

time off requests

Manage time-off requests, vacation, and sick time accruals

Administrators can monitor overtime, time-off requests, accrual balances for vacation, sick, and comp time.

main schedule view

Main Schedule View is easy-to-read and mobile-friendly

Approve time-off requests, manage schedules and check availability from desktop and mobile device.

Managing shifts as a law enforcement agency

Schedule administrators and shift supervisors can manage the shifts of their officers in a few clicks. Hero Schedule is designed to be a logic-driven system that helps your admin manage overtime, leave requests and open shifts. Officers have the ability to request time off, overtime and see what open shifts are available.

Overtime management

Manage overtime hours, requests and reports in Hero Schedule.

Leave management

Track and manage time-off in the software.

Time-off & overtime requests

Employees can request time off and overtime within the software. Supervisors can accept and reject these requests using the intuitive interface.

Shift trades

Employees can trade shifts within Hero Schedule. These trades are approved by supervisors.

Shift bidding

Have your employees bid on shifts for next year. Bidding order can be set by seniority or manually.

Open shifts

Open Shifts can be created when more officers are needed on a shift or an employee takes time off.

Timekeeping, payroll and administrative tasks made easy for leadership

Sergeants, captains, and police chiefs have a lot on their hands leading a department day-to-day. We wanted to make the administrative tasks very easy for you and your office staff. Hero Schedule gives you access to efficient tools for timekeeping and payroll duties.

Custom department/agency schedule setup

Since your agency or police department has existing rules in place for shift types, overtime, leave requests, etc., we customize our software to your exact needs. Hero Schedule will fit your agency's parameters for scheduling, shift management and timekeeping.

FLSA compliance

Helping you keep compliant with the Fair Labor Standards Act. labor compliance rules and other union standards. We give both shift leadership and administration the ability to monitor compliance. This will save your department money and reduce liability.

Pay period management

Administrators can close and manage pay periods in the Hero Schedule software. Complete pay period reports, available in XLSX or CSV format.

Training on software included

We want to make sure your administrative staff understands how to use Hero Schedule. Our team will provide training on how to set up schedules, adding employees, crafting settings for leave and overtime, and more. Since we are based in the United States, we can get on a video call to talk through any questions you may have in the future.

online support

Other features

Privacy and protection of your agency's data

We want to make sure the information of your administrators, supervisor and officers is kept secure. We utilize secure servers and take security measures to ensure this infrastructure is kept from prying eyes. Hero Schedule uses data backups for safe recovery of information. Powerful TLS 1.2 encryption technology is used to keep data secure between the client device and server.

data security

Send text and email to send announcements, Open Shift notifications and other information

Administrators and supervisors can send individual, group or agency-wide text messages and emails.

text messaging

Hero Schedule is the scheduling software for police departments, sheriffs offices & law enforcement

Every police department in America uses some form of shift scheduling. Some use pre-built software, others use spreadsheets, and some even use a pen and paper. Police departments need logical ways to structure their officers' shifts, time-off, vacations, and overtime.

Where many methods and software fall short is simple execution. Some software companies make software that was never originally designed for police departments. Other companies make software that has too many features and the user gets confused. This leads to a terrible experience for your officers, shift leads, and administrative staff.

Your department has specific scheduling needs. Some sworn officers work around the clock but on different schedules. Certain officers might be scheduled on certain shifts due to specific assignments, training levels, and supervisor tasking. When you add staffing requirements (which are an officer safety issue), employees calling in sick, vacation time accruals, FLSA compliance...it becomes a mountain of work for law enforcement supervisors.

Hero Schedule helps your police department simplify shift scheduling. A simple, clean user interface that is easy to learn. Employees can log in to request time-off, shift trades and check their schedule. Hero Schedule works on both mobile and desktop devices. Our scheduling software will help you stay legally compliant with labor laws, Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), and more. The servers are secure and backed up, keeping your department's data safe.