Shift Trades

Trade Shift

Hero Schedules gives employees the ability to swap similar shifts with each other using the Shift Trade feature. The software will only allow a shift swap if ALL agency conditions are met. A supervisor reviews each shift trade to approve/deny.

Trade shifts with other members of your agency

Shifts can be traded with other members who are (a) available, (b) have days that are opposite that can be traded and (c) are scheduled to work the same number of hours (where a 10 hour shift can't be traded for a 12 hour shift).

Follows FLSA and maximum hours worked rules

Shift Trades always take into consideration the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and other limitations on hours-worked. If a potential shift trade would violate a maximum hours rule, it will not allow the Shift Trade to go through. This protects your agency!

Supervisor & administrator approval of a Shift Trade

Supervisors can approve or deny a shift trade request. This can be done in two convenient places, either on the Main Schedule View or in the Approve Requests tab.

Shift trade approval in Main Schedule view.
Shift trade approval in approve requests tab.