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One of our favorite features of Hero Schedule is the main schedule view. It gives you the ability to interact with your entire agency's schedule in one place and understand what is happening at a top-level view. If you need to get specific, you can click on a cell or focus your screen view to a one-day or one-week view.

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Calendar view

A brand new feature in Hero Schedule is the ability to view the schedule as a calendar. This is great for seeing everyone scheduled on a certain day for a certain shift. This also works great for physically printing a schedule onto paper.

Each user can customize the main schedule view

By date range

Each supervisor, administrator or employee can have different ways of viewing the main schedule. Some might want a 10,000 foot comprehensive view of the entire agency. Others just want to see a single day with only the shifts in their group.

The main schedule can be adjusted to show one-day, two-day, week, month and custom date ranges.

Limit by shift groups

Users can view all shifts or select the shifts they want to see. This is useful for supervisors who only want to see those they are responsible for.

Toggle through months on mini calendar

A mini calendar helps you navigate back-and-forth between months of the year.

Icons, colors and abbreviations make the schedule easy to understand


yellow cell meaning action is needed

Yellow cells require attention from a supervisor or administrator. An employee has requested leave, overtime or a shift trade.

green cell indicates approval

Green cells indicate leave, overtime or shift trade has been approved.

blue line represents end or start of flsa period

Solid blue line is the start/end of the FLSA period.

changed shift border line

Light blue border signifies a change has been made to a shift.


trade shift light

Shift trade icon (light) means a shift trade has been proposed. This is the shift the employee is trading away.

trade shift icon blue

Shift trade icon (blue) is the shift that the employee will be working in place of the original shift.

trade shift icon orange

Shift trade icon (orange) means a shift trade has been accepted by the other employee, but is still pending approval from a supervisor.

trade shift icon dark

Shift trade icon (dark) means the shift trade has been approved.

note icon representing a note being added to a shift

Note icon means a note has been added to this shift.

Abbreviations & Shift hours

Hero Schedule allows you to customize your schedule and abbreviations so that it is clear and organized.


  • NGT - Night shift
  • DAY - Day shift
  • LT - Lieutenant
  • K9 - Canine officer
  • A100 - Police beat and assignment
  • M1 - Truck type (firefighting)

NOTE: these abbreviations and their associated shift times are customized to YOUR agency. Up to four letters and numbers can be used in these abbreviations.

Shift abbreviations are displayed when a rule is met. The rule consists of an activity + a time span. For example: Patrol + 0700-1900 = DAY.

If one part of the rule is changed, the time span will show by default. For example: if Patrol + 0700-1900 would have been worked, but the officer took time off, it would display with the actual hours worked of 0900-1900 hours with no abbreviation.

Click on cell to bring up the detail view showing time-off, overtime and notes

Each cell is clickable, and will bring up full schedule information for a specific employee on a specific day.

  • Shifts can be edited by supervisors directly in the cell
  • Time off can be requested by employees and approved by supervisors
  • Overtime can be requested and approved
  • Notes can be added to the shift. See Notes feature for full information.