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Hero Schedule allows you to create a future schedule for employees to bid on each shift.  The bidding order can be set by seniority or be manually selected. The system will automatically notify each employee when it is their turn to bid, display all available shifts, and keep administrators informed during the bidding process.

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Customize shifts to prepare for bidding

Create a new schedule from scratch or copy the last schedule settings. You can set up the shift pattern for the entire year for each shift.

creating new shift spots

Create as many shift spots as you need

Add a shift for as many positions as you need filled.

setting schedule pattern for patrol shift

Set up shift patterns

Every schedule has a pattern. Set this pattern into the system, which is then applied to the entire year. See more about this process under Patterned Scheduling.

bidding order

Set bidding order

You will be able to add all employees to the bidding system. They can be sorted by seniority (hire date) or manually using a drag-and-drop module.

hours to bid setting enabled for 24 hours

Apply a bid time limit

24 hours is the default setting, but can be set for any time range.

sprint bidding option

Sprint bidding

When the Sprint option is enabled, the moment an employee makes his or her shift selection, the next employee’s “shot clock” begins. They then have 24 hours to make their selection (or whatever range of time you set during the bid time limit). If the Sprint option is disabled, and the speed of selection will not impact the starting time for other employees.


Sprint bidding can significantly speed up the process.

Bidding process

employee taking shift within bidding system

Employee bidding

An employee will get an email and text notification when it is their turn to bid. They will log in to Hero Schedule and make their selection under Shift Bidding.

Under the Shift Bidding dashboard, the employee can view all shifts that are remaining. They can even use a dropdown to see what the schedule will look like for the entire calendar year.

The system will ask them to confirm their choice, and then the next employee will be notified that it is their turn.

bidding progress screen

Supervisors managing the bidding

Supervisors have access to the Bidding Dashboard and Bidding Progress screen to give them real-time insight into what is happening.

They can also edit/correct the schedule that is currently being bid on. (Useful for when an employee selected a shift by mistake).

Publish the newly-built schedule

new schedule for the next year

Once all employees have completed the bidding, the supervisor can publish the schedule. The schedule is immediately published to the Main Schedule View for whatever time period was set. Schedules can be edited as normal.